25 Best Pharmacist Side Hustle Ideas

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Unsure what’s the best pharmacist side hustle to start today? Need another source of income but don’t know where to start?

When I had my full-time job, I didn’t put any effort into building a secondary source of income. There wasn’t a need to and I was too comfortable getting paid a fixed amount every month. Things changed when I was laid off and was jobless for a year. That’s when I realized that almost everyone is replaceable, jobs are never secured and diversifying income is the ultimate goal.

So if you’re looking to make extra income with side jobs, know you’re not alone!

In this article, I’ll be sharing 25 side hustle ideas for pharmacists including freelance pharmacist jobs and ways how a pharmacist can make money online.

*This post may contain affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission (at no cost to you) if you sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link!

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How Can Pharmacist Make Extra Money?

Pharmacists can make extra money with freelance medical writing jobs, teaching others on weekends and offering door-to-door care services. These side hustles are doable on weekdays nights and weekends when away from a pharmacist’s full-time job.

Pharmacist Side Hustle: 25 Best Ideas

1. Teach others within your field

With a medical background, there are plenty others that can benefit from your knowledge sharing. Try out guest lecturing at a local pharmacy school or universities in your area. 

Find them online and by networking with others from your previous institution. People who have worked with you and personally know you should be able to give you a referral. 

2. Work part-time at retail pharmacy

If you wish to leverage on your current expertise, apply for part-time pharmacist roles at a retail pharmacy in your area. You can do this on your days off as long as it does not require a fixed commitment. It should pay a higher hourly rate (try $15 more) compared to your usual hospital pharmacy job.

3. Join pharmacist surveys for money

Filling up surveys is a quick way to make money. Survey companies usually screen audience eligibility based on working experience and personal backgrounds. You will only be given surveys which suits your background.

When signing up on sites like Survey Junkie, mention that you’re a from a medical field and you’ll be given related surveys to fill up. Payments are usually made via PayPal every time you achieve the payment threshold.

Pharmacy survey websites you can join:

25 Best Pharmacist Side Hustle Ideas: Pharmacist surveys for money

4. Join focus groups to conduct market research studies

Similar to surveys, you can earn a side income joining focus groups for market research studies related to pharmacists. Focus groups generally pay more compared to surveys, about $50 or $100 for your participation. Depending on the project, some will provide free product samples for you to try out.

Participation can be online or in person and sessions may take half an hour to an hour each. It can be a single one time off or a series of sessions.

Here are top pharmacist related market research studies you can look into.

5. Become a freelance medical writer

Love to read and have good writing skills? You can become a medical writer for websites, blogs and online publications. Writers can earn up to $100 per article but with a medical specialization, you should be able to earn more per article writing medical topics.

Best part is you can work as a medical writer remotely so it is not location dependent. I took this freelance writing masterclass and it taught me everything I needed to know to start making money with writing for others.

Sites you can look into to find medical writing gigs:

Check out: Expert tips for newbies to start medical writing

6. Transcribe audio files within your expertise

Medical transcribing is a huge industry for pharmacists to make money online while working remotely. You’ll need a set of good quality earphones, fast internet and a functioning computer to do a good job at transcribing.

Some soft skills you’ll need is the ability to write well without errors, attention to details, time organization and understanding & following guidelines.

Sites offering medical transcription work:

7. Offer personalized door-to-door services

Pharmacists are well needed by home patients just like nurses. In many cases, it may be more difficult to get a doctor to visit than it is to ask a pharmacist for simple weekly checks. It takes up your client’s time to visit a pharmacy nearby so they find home services worthwhile.

Once you’ve gained trust among your clients, call back rates can be as high as 60% and there’s a high chance of secondary referrals. You can charge per hour basis of at least $75/hour just to go through your client’s list of prescriptions and advice what they need.

Read more on providing medication therapy management (MTM) services by American Pharmacist Association.

8. Create a YouTube channel

Having the right confidence in yourself can get you far. Becoming a YouTuber does not mean you need the best looks, voice or setting. However, it may require you to be genuine, focus on providing value to others and sufficiently pleasing (yay!).

You can share your pharmaceutical expertise by making and sharing informational or educational videos on YouTube. Alternatively, help other pharmacists on how to navigate their careers by sharing your personal career experiences. This was Ali Abdaal’s main focus when he started a YouTube channel as a doctor in the UK!

Pharmacist Side Hustles: 25 Practical Ideas

9. Start your own pharmaceutical podcast

If you want to focus more on knowledge sharing instead of displaying your pharmacist lifestyle, a podcast can deliver the right message to your audience. All you need is an excellent microphone to record yourself, a set of headphones and audio editing software to edit recordings.

I personally find podcasts to be easier on the mind and ears, after a long day at work. Compared to focusing on watching hours of videos online for the same info.

Pharmacy podcasts you can look into:

10. Write a book to sell on Amazon

Pharmacy Joe started off as a podcast online. After years of progress, the owner transitioned to writing a guide book for pharmacists and selling them on Amazon. Though you may not be looking to write in the pharmaceutical topic, there are ways to make money selling books with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

You don’t have to write informational or educational books but instead focus on selling activity books for children. With KDP, all you need to do is upload your files then have Amazon handle all the printing and shipping for you.

Pretty much like dropshipping but it’s your product!

11. Build an online learning academy or sell courses

There’s so many ways to make money online that it’s possible to create second careers for pharmacists. You may need to put a lot of time forward today for a lifetime of freedom later. 

Pharmacy Joe is a prime example that you can build an online learning academy out of the pharmaceutical profession. They charge students $59 every month (about $700/year) to teach them new useful skills to use in their day jobs. You can check out their online academy here.

You don’t necessarily need to create a full-fledged academy to teach others online. Create short courses instead, charge a one-off price and host them on sites like Skillshare, Teachable, Udemy or Coursera.

12. Create a pharmaceutical blog or a personal one

If you don’t wish to create an online sales funnel and face the challenges of handling clients like Pharmacy Joe’s academy, that’s fine too. You can always share information for free with blogging. Earn from display ads on your site and by promoting affiliate links within your blog posts.

Pharmaceutical may be a big topic to talk about so you can try to choose a subtopic within the industry. Else, choose a generic topic to blog about that you’re personally interested in.

Popular blog niches include:

  • Cooking recipes
  • Gardening how-to
  • Computer skills
  • Fashion
  • Home deco & interior design
  • Personal finance

However, bear in mind that Google will promote your site better if you’re writing from expertise. Pharmaceutical is not an easy industry so it should be easier for an actual pharmacist.

This is the exact beginner blogging course I took before starting my first blog (the one you’re reading from!). It put me months ahead of others and I avoided all amateur blogging mistakes no newbie thought of.

13. Selling things on Amazon or your own website

Know a product that’s in demand for your industry? Have the means to source the product from suppliers and sell them to an audience you’re familiar with?

You can make money online by selling these things on Amazon or your own ecommerce website using Shopify, Squarespace or WooCommerce.

Best to avoid complicated products and focus on complementary products people need for better living experiences. Think outside the box!

14. Drive for others with Uber or Lyft

Looking for a side job that does not require a lot of thinking? You can drive others around with Uber or Lyft. If you don’t want to face people, deliver packages instead with Amazon Flex or deliver food with UberEats.

It may be more time consuming and you are only paid based on the hours you work.

15. Become a part-time real estate agent

Love meeting new people outside your comfort zone and learning new things? You can become a part-time real estate agent. Works great for people with a huge network, has a vehicle to drive around and likes to handle clients.

Its wise to stick to selling houses in areas you know well and is within easy reach from where you work/stay. Clients looking for their dream home can be a headache to handle!

Here’s a good guide on becoming a real estate agent as a side job for pharmacists.

16. Pick up photography and sell stock photos

If you have an eye for good angles, learn professional photography skills and sell stock photos online. You can make at least $100-$500 extra per month by uploading new photos consistently.

Stock websites usually will review your photos before approving your application to join so make it worthwhile by giving your best.

Websites to sell stock photos and earn passive income:

17. Personal training at local gym

Into fitness and frequently visit the gym in your spare time? Why not offer personal training services for others looking to tone their body and/or lose weight?

This is perfectly doable especially weekday nights and weekends as it is also the time most of your clients are free. You can charge per hour basis ($40-$70/hour) or offer a bundle of training sessions for a reasonable price.

25 Best Pharmacist Side Hustle Ideas: Personal training
25 Best Pharmacist Side Hustle Ideas: Personal training

18. Sell handmade crafts on Etsy

A quick way to make extra money is to sell handmade products on Etsy. It takes some time to learn the platform and to identify what products are in demand. I’ve compiled a list of best selling niches for Etsy here.

Use keyword research tools in this list to know what has less competition for higher chances of sale. You can also sell similar products on eBay or Amazon.

Handmade product ideas you can make:

Best part about selling handmade products on Etsy is you can provide personalization to clients to include names and dates. It’s a perfect idea for a gift and you can charge more.

19. Create digital art to sell online

Not looking to sell physical products that require shipping and operational work? You can sell digital products online such as digital art. It’s a passive way of making extra income as sales can come in at any time of day.

Digital art can include vector images, clipart, fonts, animation, photography and painting.

You can find my list of 11 ways to make money selling digital art online here. If you’re not looking to sell art, you can sell these in demand digital products on Etsy instead.

25 Best Pharmacist Side Hustle Ideas: Sell art
25 Best Pharmacist Side Hustle Ideas: Sell art

20. Mystery shop for brands in your areas

Find brands in your area that pays for mystery shoppers. Although it is not a side hustle that can make a huge chunk of money, it’s something doable on the weekends. 

Works well for those who visit malls frequently and love to shop. Even more worthwhile if you can work for multiple brands at one time.

Here are 8 truths you need to know about mystery shopping.

21. Learn digital marketing and make money online

I’m a huge believer that anyone can make money online if they put their mind to it. There’s no black and white rules to follow, but there’s a ton of ways to earn.

Some ways you can earn with digital marketing:

  • Promote affiliate links
  • Sell Google/Facebook ads services
  • Help brands build their social accounts
  • Offer SEO services for businesses

Pick up courses on these topics from Skillshare, Teachable, Udemy or Coursera. Get a certificate and start practicing with clients you can get on LinkedIn or Twitter.

22. Sell designs on merchandise with print on demand

Another way to make money with digital art is to print them on merchandise. Print on demand sites like Printify and Printful lets sellers upload designs to t-shirts, tote bags, leggings, phone cases and tumblers. These products are then synced to your store on ecommerce platforms like Etsy and Shopify for sale.

It works similar to dropshipping as orders are shipped by the supplier directly to your customer once the product cost plus shipping is paid. You will receive the sale proceeds and the difference is for you to keep as profit.

Print on demand is a great side hustle for busy people as it can be done remotely and takes only a few hours to manage each day. These are the exact 5 steps I would take to start print on demand on Etsy.

23. Rent out an area of your home 

If you’ve been thinking of making money from a property you own, this is the sign to do it. You can try short-term rentals like AirBnB or long-term ones with a lease (typically more than a year).

Looking to earn an income by buying a new house for yourself? Purchase a duplex and live in one half of it – rent the other half out for 70-80% of your mortgage if the market rate allows. Don’t forget to consider taxes and insurance.

24. Join pharmacy boards or committees

In certain communities, there are pharmacy boards and committees individuals are open to join. With participation, you can expect an allowance or honorarium for your time.

This is one way to make use of your profession, earn side income and give back to society. Also doable for students in the pharmaceutical studies as some committees open applications for summer internships. 

25. Become a pharmacist influencer on TikTok and/or LinkedIn

There’s so many opportunities you can explore today thanks to social media. It no longer has to be a professional employment, an actual side job or requires hours of time doing something you’re not passionate about.

One way to build followers on social media like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn is to be genuine with your sharing. Choose one niche for your content e.g. pharmacy info, and only share your real opinions about it.

Having avid lovers of your content could land you sponsorships and brand deals. You can scale by promoting your YouTube channel, podcast or blog to the same audience.

Check out: Top 50 Pharmacist Influencers on LinkedIn

25 Best Pharmacist Side Hustle Ideas Become an influencer
25 Best Pharmacist Side Hustle Ideas: Become an influencer

Which Side Hustle Should A Pharmacist Go For?

I can’t say for sure which side hustle is best for you as a pharmacist, as it is different for everyone. However, these are the top 5 things I would like you to consider before deciding which side job you want to pursue.

  1. Time & commitments
    • How much time are you able to allocate on a daily or weekly basis to your side hustle?
    • Does your full-time job and commitments allow you to pursue a side hustle?
    • If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, it’s wise to start something online where you can do it remotely and does not require a lot of travelling/physical work.
  2. Expertise
    • Do you wish to use your expertise in pharmacy to make money with a side hustle?
    • Or are you comfortable learning new things and do not prefer to do anything with pharmacy outside your full-time job?
  3. Passion
    • Do you have any personal passion you’ve been wanting to explore?
    • Are you interested in other things that can be used as a side hustle?
    • I highly believe we should feed our souls by achieving our personal goals and passions! Life is short!
  4. Type of income
    • Are you looking to make an income passively while you sleep or actively (you only get paid when you work)?
    • Online marketing e.g. YouTube, podcast, blogging, is a sure way to earn income passively in the long run.
    • However, you’ll have to put in the work today without immediate rewards.
  5. Your personality
    • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
    • Comfortable working on your own alone or with a group of people?
    • Our full-time jobs can be energy draining so it’s wise to build a side hustle that does not drain you as much.

Take a piece of paper and write down your preferences.

You’ll find out what’s best for you in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How much do medical writers earn?
Answer: Medical writers can earn as much as $40-60 per hour. This depends on the type of experience the writer has, complexity of subject and the client’s budget. More experienced freelance medical writers can earn $180 per hour as some projects can take more time to complete.

Question: How to start personal training as a part time job?
Answer: Start personal training as a part time job by taking a personal training certification in your free time. Complementary subjects to learn include nutrition, program design, basic and applied science. Part time personal trainers are usually paid the same hourly rate as full time ones.

Question: How to make $200k as a pharmacist?
Answer: Some ways pharmacists can earn $200k per year on the side are selling online courses, creating a blog
and offering freelance medical writing. These side hustles can become second careers for pharmacists. To be able to make $200k per year, a pharmacist will need to make $548 per day including the full-time job.

Bottom Line

Still unsure which side hustle you should go for as a pharmacist? They only way to know is to start doing something regardless. Just pick one of the side hustles I’ve listed above and do it for a week.

You’ll either love it or hate it – either way, you’ll know it!

Here are 25 side hustle ideas for pharmacists:

  1. Teach others within your field
  2. Work part-time at retail pharmacy
  3. Join pharmacist surveys for money
  4. Help others conduct market research studies
  5. Become a freelance medical writer
  6. Transcribe audio files within your expertise
  7. Offer personalized door-to-door services
  8. Create a YouTube channel
  9. Start your own pharmaceutical podcast
  10. Write a book to sell on Amazon
  11. Build an online learning academy or sell courses
  12. Create a pharmaceutical blog or a personal one
  13. Selling things on Amazon or your own website
  14. Drive for others with Uber or Lyft
  15. Become a part-time real estate agent
  16. Pick up photography and sell stock photos
  17. Personal training at local gym
  18. Sell handmade crafts on Etsy
  19. Create digital art to sell online
  20. Mystery shop for brands in your areas
  21. Learn digital marketing and make money online
  22. Sell designs on merchandise with print on demand
  23. Rent out an area of your home 
  24. Join pharmacy boards or committees
  25. Become a pharmacist influencer on TikTok and/or LinkedIn

If you’re into digital marketing and making money online, I’ve learned that blogging is the best way to create your unique presence online and get traffic organically for years.

Check out my blogging guides to get you started:

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