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Cruising the Bosporus Strait in Turkey

Hey there! Abby here. The Solo Founder and Owner of Passive Marketeer.

The ability to earn passively from just anywhere has changed my life. I believe that earning a good income for yourself is entirely possible online.

Passive Marketeer is here to help you navigate this new journey you’re going to embark. By sharing the resources I have used, you too can learn with less headaches or heartaches.

The road is still a long one but I’m enjoying myself and preparing to live my best life. Remember, tiny steps results in big impact!

I hope you enjoy reading and learning what I have to share, you definitely can do it.

A little background about me!

On a motorbike exploring Bali’s smaller islands

I graduated with a degree in Economics Finance with First Class Honors from University of Nottingham, UK. Immediately started a finance job 3 weeks after graduation, WOW! 9 months into my first corporate job, I decided that the finance career wasn’t for me.

So I made the transition to a Marketing role at a huge Food Production company. Loved my job because I was in the management side of things where decisions were made and I had great opportunities to work with market players and corporates. But I felt that some things were too manual for the technologically-savvy me.

The pandemic hit and the company had to let go 90% of staffs. So I found myself unemployed and stuck at home.

I took my life’s fate to my own hands and decided to use all that time I had to learn ways to make money online. I played around a lot with e-commerce, affiliate marketing, print on demand and even explored becoming a diet coach (I lost weight too!).

Blogging is one of the things that captured my attention best. It’s one of the ways I get to share my knowledge with others in my field.

I hope my story inspires you too that it’s never too late!

Taking a stroll in Hong Kong on Christmas Eve (it’s cold!)

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