14 Remote Jobs for Introverts

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Are you an introvert looking for remote jobs? Feeling tired of 2-hour long commutes and having no more energy at the end of the day to do something you enjoy? Remote working is a growing trend companies are looking to adopt to reduce costs, keep employees happy and increase overall productivity. Lucky for you because there’s more opportunities for introverts to excel at your virtual workplace!

This is no article for the mundane everyday remote jobs because why work for others when you can work for yourself at the same time? Here I’ve curated a list of remote jobs you will enjoy as an introvert regardless whether it’s for another company or on your own.

*This post may contain affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission (at no cost to you) if you sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link!

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1. Social media manager

Social media is booming and companies are looking to employ numerous platforms for their marketing but not everyone wants to hire one full-time employee for this. To their leverage, employing a freelancer off Fiverr or Upwork can be cost-saving and efficient in the long run. Why? It’s because individuals like you grow faster and learn more when freelancing for multiple companies. There’s no more need for an annual training budget.

So if you’re handy at using different types of social media like Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest or even YouTube, consider becoming a remote social media manager. While some companies require daily postings, most do not. This allows you to manage a few companies at once, bringing you more income!

Pinterest manager

One of the most underrated social media manager roles is a Pinterest manager. Many companies are unaware and often overlook the benefits of Pinterest in bringing traffic especially for their e-commerce platforms and websites. The usage is more popular in the US, UK, Canada and Europe, among females of all ages. If you’re new to Pinterest, you can learn to be a pro in no time (won’t burn your pocket). The typical number of pins you have to make per client per day is just three to five – sounds easy right? Start applying!

Are you a freelancer? Tired of juggling multiple things at once but not having everything in place? Overpromising and clients are unhappy? You just need a system to work on!

Bonsai’s Workflow has everything you need from preparing contracts, creating proposals, raising invoices, managing business finances and even track your everyday pending tasks.

I’m finally free from all the headaches of drafting contracts! Bonsai’s ready made templates makes me 1000x more productive, ready to make more money.

You can try too with their 14-day free trial.

2. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant helps out a business owner in terms of day to day administrative tasks which may include managing emails, making phone calls or even scheduling meetings – all from a remote location. If you’re an introvert comfortable working under another person, this might be the right job for you. The job scope is straightforward and pretty much the same on a daily basis so there shouldn’t be much to worry.

Virtual assistant - 14 Remote Jobs for Introverts
Virtual assistant – 14 Remote Jobs for Introverts


If you have a finance background or are simply great with numbers, there is a high demand for bookkeeping virtual assistants. Businesses of any size need someone to consolidate their finances and I’m sure the business owner wouldn’t want to do it!


If you have prior experience using WordPress, many websites and bloggers are always on the lookout for a virtual assistant to keep their sites updated and running. There’s quite a few things to worry about when running a website – I have a lot of headache managing it on my own!

3. Transcriptionist

Transcribing is a profession of its own because not everyone can do it especially for medical and legal lines. Becoming a transcriptionist requires you to have good listening skills, fast typing skills as well as great command of the language (written format). However, the job requires little to no participation with others, making it one of the best remote jobs for introverts. So if you like doing things on your own and are fluent in English/Mandarin/Spanish, this is it! You can start with general transcribing for live events, interviews, lectures, conference calls or workshops. Basically, transforming any audio or video materials into typed format. 

You can make up to $0.60 per minute transcribing on GoTranscript – their top earners make over $1,000 per month! Imagine how that can help you just by listening and typing. Payouts are made weekly too via PayPal so you never run dry.

4. Tutor

Becoming a tutor is 100% possible from home or anywhere you desire. All you need is a syllabus to teach others what you do best. This is the best way to monetize your language fluency or great understanding in Math, Science and even History. Parents will pay a lot for their children to excel in school – usually more than what they’re willing to pay. Although it does involve a certain level of interaction with your students, you have a syllabus to stick to and you don’t need to think outside the box. Classes are conducted one on one so you won’t have trouble managing many people at once. This way, your per hour rates can also be increased. I know, it gets tough to be an introvert and manage things in one go, but you can do it with enough practice.

Online courses

Alternatively, you can consider selling pre-recorded online courses on platforms like Udemy, Skillshare or Teachable. Recording yourself means you’re only talking to the camera and scripts can be prepared beforehand so you won’t go out of line. This is a great source of passive income as you only need to make the recordings once and update it once awhile. Sales can come in when you’re having yoga!

I believe one can build a full-time profession from creating online courses. You can learn on the go as well for other purposes.

5. Graphic designer

Graphic designers are one of the top paying jobs in today’s market. You can be designing for mobile apps, websites, infographics and even creating digital art. Specialization in one of these areas will take you far. Designing requires a lot of alone time so it’s no surprise that it is one of the best jobs for introverts. You can also design from anywhere as long as you have your necessary tools e.g. iPad and Apple Pencil.

If you’re a graphic designer interested in designing for merchandise, print on demand can work for you.

6. Customer service agent

I see advertisements for customer service executives all the time even on social media. There is a huge demand for it. Why? It’s because today sales are mostly made over the phone and online, and customer support is no longer physical. People often look down on these positions but it can be rewarding for introverts looking to build their communication skills without the need to meet people. You will be handling issues over the phone and most of the time, a script is given. So the only thing you need is patience!

Email support

Aside from handling calls, customer support can come in the form of emails. If you have good writing skills and comprehension to understand customers’ issues, you can do well in email support.

7. Professional blogger

Blogging is a profession and it is alive. Most people won’t understand how it can make money for you or how to make a full time income from it. Blogging is one of the forms of content creation and content sharing, way before vlogging came into the picture. While personal blogging may be dead, people are searching on Google for answers more than ever before. What pops up for them? Educational and informational content. Ones like the one you’re reading right now!

Professinal blogger - 14 Remote Jobs for Introverts
Professinal blogger – 14 Remote Jobs for Introverts

If you’re interested in building a full-time income from blogging and working remotely, this is one of the best pocket-friendly courses for you. 


If you’re not into creating a blog for yourself at the moment, but interested in writing, you can become a freelance writer for other websites. However, I would recommend having a blog even if it is bare or slowly progressing, as you will be able to link the articles you write for others back to your own blog. This will help in your blog’s overall authority ranking in the eyes of Google and boost your brand/blog for the long run.

8. Programmer

Coding is not my forte but I wished I knew one or two things just so I could improve my website and make it fancy (it doesn’t have to be). Typing all those coding lines requires accuracy and lots of alone time. If you know anyone who’s an aspiring programmer, wish them luck!

9. E-commerce seller

E-Commerce is our generation’s version of a small general store. The nice thing is we don’t have to be selling 1001 items to be making daily sales nor do we have to physically wait at the counter for a customer to make payment. Today, we can make thousands in sales with just one product during our one week ski vacation in South Korea. All you need to know is e-commerce website creation, copywriting and how to buy ads effectively (it takes knowledge). Rinse and repeat! That said, it’s one of the coolest remote jobs for introverts because you really don’t need to work with anyone else yet you can scale the small business to make 7 figures per year.


Everyone starts somewhere! If you’re new to e-commerce, I highly recommend selling on Etsy. It’s beginner friendly and requires little to no investment. Not only will you learn how to use Etsy but you will also learn what’s the best sales tricks, how to create a good product listing, how to communicate with potential customers and providing customer service to build trust with old ones. Many Etsy sellers are solopreneurs, meaning they work for themselves on their own. Alissa Rose makes $8,000 a month just selling digital products on Etsy. All from the comfort of her own home.

10. Copywriter

Copywriting is no easy feat because you are expected to sell something with a short description. Put your worries aside because this skill can reward you well monetarily, better than writing. If you’re an introvert who loves money like I do, learn copywriting ASAP! I highly recommend mastering copywriting for anyone looking to sell products online because what else is there to sell other than your description?

Experienced copywriters are highly paid especially for email marketing and e-commerce. You can be writing for landing pages, product descriptions, email newsletters and even paid advertisements (Google, Facebook, Twitter). Most copywriting meant for sales is not long winding or lengthy. They’re specific, short, persuasive and can make someone give all their money away!

11. Video editor

Editing a short video (under 1 minute) for a simple product YouTube video can earn you $300 minimum with some experience. This is not to say video editing is an easy task, it is definitely not but a small project can still make you a lot of money. If you have experience using Adobe Premiere Pro, you can try advertising your skills on Fiverr. Start small to get reviews and price yourself better later. If you have a full-time job, video editing can be your side hustle. It’s perfect for introverts as you can do it remotely in a cafe while sipping your favorite cup of hot latte.

12. Podcaster

Do you like to listen to podcasts? I know I do! There’s something awesome about listening to others’ thoughts and aspirations, without having the need to respond. I know it can get tiring for introverts to interact but with podcasts, it feels like you’re listening to your best friend with the same mind. What if I told you that you too can have your own podcast on Apple, Google and Spotify? 

How much you make from podcasting differs according to your strategy and if you’re doing the following – advertisements, affiliate marketing, brand sponsorships, product sales or even allowing direct fan support via sites like Patreon. You can study the rough calculation but generally you can make from $500 up to $15,000 depending on the number of podcast downloads. 

13. YouTuber

It takes a lot to overcome the fear of putting yourself out there on YouTube, I don’t deny this especially for introverts. We have a personal space to safeguard to maintain mental peace, but may I take this moment to change your mind? Being a YouTuber doesn’t mean you’re giving your life away to the public. Even a celebrity does not owe the public anything. You don’t have to answer questions you don’t like, you don’t have to please everyone. There still will be fans who love you for who you are. Learn to live your life on your terms. 

YouTuber - 14 Remote Jobs for Introverts
YouTuber – 14 Remote Jobs for Introverts

Terrified of the camera? Think of it as your new best friend, someone you want to share your daily experiences with.

Unsure what to talk about? Teach others something you’ve learned in the past one year, share your personal experiences to help others go through the same, talk about something entertaining or informational.

14. Translator

If you went ahead to teach others a foreign language, consider also becoming a translator. If you’re hesitant on meeting new people, you can make translation as your main gig and language teaching your second in your free time. A friend of mine made a whopping $8,000 in a month just translating English to another language for TV shows. It took her some time to build her profession and gain experience but it is now her full-time job. 

She’s happy to be working from home as it allows her to save a whole chunk of her income and fund her travels. Similarly, she started off Upwork but translating gigs can be found on Fiverr too.

14 Remote Jobs for Introverts - Pin It!
14 Remote Jobs for Introverts – Pin It!

What You’ll Need

Working remotely can be awesome for everyone who’s seeking more freedom and flexibility. Investing in the best tools to ensure a smooth workflow is important because you really have no excuses to excel! The four things needed to excel in remote jobs for introverts are:

  1. A computer or laptop – Don’t settle for computers that will shut on you unexpectedly, invest in better ones!
  2. Stable high speed internet connection – You can’t be telling employers or clients that you’re having issues with your internet. They’ll shoo you off! It’s important to maintain communication within working hours, you don’t want them to think you’re taking advantage of the remote arrangements.
  3. Comfortable work setup – I’ve invested quite a lot to make my home office pretty, comfortable and efficient. It is the one thing I do not sacrifice. Get ergonomic chairs to keep your back intact and consider a table suitable for your height.
  4. Effort & consistency – It’s important to always show effort especially when working remotely because it’s the only thing that can be seen by your employer even miles away. They definitely can’t see you! Freelancing and working for yourself on the other hand requires consistency, taking small steps everyday to speed up the learning curve. You might need a hand to help you organize, so consider putting systems in place like Bonsai. Stay disciplined!

Bottom Line

Remote jobs are the future for introverts and making a good income from home is becoming easier. Work-life balance is non-negotiable. Learn to work within office hours and avoid attending to non-urgent demands outside of your hours. We introverts tend to absorb and comply with others, forgetting our own needs so I’m here to tell you to make yourself a priority above everything else. Also, work on diversifying your income with these passive income ideas I believe is best for recovering introverts (like me) – so you can start saying no!

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